Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pantry Challenge 2013 Series: Day 12-16

If you're just checking in for the first time visit the previous posts (below) for more information about the 2013 Good Cheap Eats' Pantry Challenge.

Day 1: Garlic Pasta
Day 2: BBQ Ribs with Potatoes & Leftover Garlic Pasta
Day 3: Stuffed Peppers with Sausage & Salad
Day 4: Fend For Yourself Night (a.k.a. Canned Soup Night)
Day 5: Freeze Ahead PB&J Sandwiches & Freeze Ahead Orange Cranberry Muffins
Day 6: Hamburger Helper
Day 7: Chicken Pot Pie
Day 8: Buffalo Chicken Dip
Day 9: Baked Chicken, Steamed Broccoli & Au Gratin Potatoes
Day 10: BBQ Ribs (from Day 2), Green Beans, Potato Salad & Homemade Garlic Bread
Day 11: Taco Night

Whew! It's been a rough couple of days at our house. I've been down for the count, but thankfully my wonderful husband made sure to grab pictures of our dinners for when I felt up to blogging again! :) Thanks for your patience ladies!

Day 12: Homemade Cheese Pizza from Not Your Mother's Make Ahead & Freeze Cookbook

Ingredients from Pantry: Olive Oil, Sugar, Flour, Salt, Active Dry Yeast, Diced Tomatoes, Basil, Oregano, Red Pepper Flakes, Tomato Paste, Parmesan Cheese, Parsley, Garlic Powder, & Thyme

Ingredients Purchased: Cheese & Garlic

Recipe: I used 4 recipes from the cookbook listed above: Basic Pizza Dough, Tomato & Herb Pizza Sauce, Easy-Peasy Cheesy Pizza & Parmesan Herb Blend

Food Grade: A+ (Yummy!)

Freezer Friendly?: Yes, everything in this cookbook is made for freezing! :) (Not only did we make dinner but we also had enough for extra to put in the freezer.)

Day 13: No Bake Cookies

Ingredients from Pantry: Quick oats, chocolate chips, butter, peanut butter & milk

Ingredients Purchased: None

Food Grade: A+ I've basically devoured ALL of these in the last 2 days.

Freezer Friendly?: Yes, cookies are great for freezing and taking out one or two at a time. Now if only I could convince myself to not eat all of them before they hit the freezer. 

Day 14: Hamburger Helper

Ingredients from Pantry: Hamburger Helper

Ingredients Purchased: Burger Meat

Food Grade: B-, let's face it... it's not the tastiest meal in the world but this month isn't about always making gourmet meals, it's about saving money.

Freezer Friendly?: No

Day 15: Grilled Chicken Salad

Ingredients from Pantry: Croutons, Onion & Salad Dressing

Ingredients Purchased: Chicken & Spinach Leaves

Food Grade: A

Freezer Friendly?: Yes and No. Chicken can be frozen, but salad not so much.

Day 16: Tacos (Night 2)

Ingredients from Pantry: Taco Seasoning & Salsa

Ingredients Purchased: Cheese, Taco Shells & Lettuce

Food Grade: A+

Freezer Friendly?: Yes and No, taco meat can be frozen OR tacos minus the lettuce can be frozen.

How is your family's pantry challenge going so far? Leave us a comment of your successes and challenges in the comments below. 

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